Doing it All Over Again

By Aaron Cantor ~ April 16th, 2012 @ 20:07

By Aaron Cantor USAF (ret)


Mitt Romney’s campaign is beginning to speak publicly about who they might choose as his running mate.

Right out of the chute the first name according to the pundits and various talking heads of course is Marco Rubio the freshman Senator from Florida who is described as a rising star in the Republican Party.

This young man is a fiery speaker who doesn’t need a teleprompter to stay on message and comes across as a very articulate and knowledgeable young man.

He is a lawyer, born May 28, 1971 in Miami, of Cuban immigrant parents, who did not become citizens until 1975, which makes him ineligible under the Natural Born Citizen Clause. They needed to be citizens at the time of his birth in order to meet those requirements, they obviously were not.

We have been raising hell over this very thing with Obama for three and a half years and now the boobs that be (excuse me) the Powers that be, want to put another candidate up for an office that he is not eligible for.


Rob Portman, also a freshman senator from another big swing state (Ohio), is considered by the odds makers and pundits to be number 2 in line behind Rubio but is not very well known outside of Ohio.

In third Place is Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey, whose pugnacious and combative style could be a drawback for Romney (a hindrance rather than a help).

Bob McDonnell, governor of Virginia, is in fourth place prior to mid-February, McDonnell looked like a better-known Portman in a similarly large swing state. Then he backed, and then ultimately withdrew his support, for a bill that would require all women seeking an abortion in an early stage to receive an ultrasound requiring a vaginal probe. If Romney chooses him as his running mate, this debate will become central to the campaign and, due to his sinking poll numbers among educated women, it is a fight that the Romney campaign does not want to wage.

Paul Ryan is in fifth place, and in a sense, the congressman from Wisconsin is already running with Romney, as the media ties Romney to Ryan’s polarizing budget proposals.

The odds makers and pundits are not saying too much about the possibility of Nikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina as a running mate.

In checking her BIO, it says she was born to parents who are legal immigrants, but it does not say if they are citizens or not, so if she were to be named, eligibility would definitely come up as an issue.

The same would be true for Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, who also would be ineligible because of the Natural Born Citizenship issue.

Jindal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to Amar and Raj Jindal, who came to the United States as immigrants from Punjab, India, six months before he was born.[3

At this point in time it is all still a crap shoot as Romney is the Presumptive nominee it still isn’t an official lock, as the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet.

Aside from all of the stuff floating around out there, call me crazy, but I am still of the opinion that Obama will contrive some kind of crisis that will give him the cover he needs to suspend civil rights and then suspend the election.

 This is almost a repeat of Hitler and 1933 all over again.




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